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Yes, I realise it’s only September. Six weeks at home with my own kids has not sent me insane. For me though, September is the start of the year. It’s a side-effect of all the being institutionalised from the career path of school, university and back to school again, albeit this time as a teacher.

In my brain, September is a new year. A new class, new routines to embed and new kids to watch out for and now that my own two are at school and pre-school, it has a new significance because now September is the time I am almost always nearly overdrawn after buying a whole set of new uniform that inevitably gets lost by Christmas.

But as well as all the stationery buying and name-label ironing, September is also the time that I try to make changes and new resolutions. You know, lose the bad habits and try to find new ones – good ones that is, I do not need more bad habits. September is a brand new fresh start with a new planner and notebook to match.

New School Year Resolutions

It’s well known that in lots of ways I am a paradox. I am a utter control freak whilst being completely disorganised at the same time. I can tell you what my plans are for Christmas Day and heavily drop about what I would like (if The Boy is reading, Subculture – google it), but not what I am having for dinner tonight and I’m writing this at 4pm so should probably get a wriggle on. The Boy often jokes that the only time I eat a home cooked meal is when he’s there… he’s wrong! Scrambled egg on toast counts as a meal.  But seriously,  I do want that to change.  2017/18 is the year that I get I will get more organised, I’m not going to lie though, it’s been my resolution since I qualified many moons ago. Maybe this is the year that I actually stick to them?

My New School Year Resolutions


Meal plan

This is something I’ve needed to do forever. I can’t tell you how much money I have wasted on food that never gets used as I forget that I’m going out, or I don’t plan properly so buy things with similar dates. My aunt keeps telling me that I need to batch cook, maybe she’s right…

New school year resolutions

Devise A Cleaning Schedule

Sad as it sounds, I actually enjoy cleaning but only when I’m doing a few tasks at once. Funnily enough, doing the whole house from top to bottom is not fun. Especially when my delightful little ones like to follow me around ‘putting it back to normal’.  Having a schedule will help me to keep on top of it and have a home that I’m proud of.

Get Ready The Evening Before

I told someone recently that I do all my ironing, lunchbox making and reading diary signing in the morning. I literally get up 45 minutes earlier (around 5am) to do all these tasks because I am too tired in the evening. She looked at me incredulously and suggested I sleep in, and do it in the evening instead. That way my mornings will be less frantic. Good idea. I’m even going to put the kids’ shoes and bags by the door so there is less shouting at them to find their school shoes in increasingly loud tones, just before I leave out. I’m pretty sure my neighbours will be grateful too.

New School Year Resolutions


Schedule In Free Time

Which I know sounds absolutely crazy, but I don’t feel like I get enough time to myself during a working week, especially as my kids like to watch me in the bathroom. (Is it just mine or do all kids do this? I feel like I need to know!) So, I am going to make the most of the little things, even down to listening to not child-friendly music in between the school run and work. It’s literally 3 miles of Tupac and Jay Z for me, twice a day every day.

Smarten Up My Appearance

People always say you need to dress for the job you want. I’m pretty sure that there is no job to just stare at Beyoncé and watch Disney films all day, but that doesn’t mean I have to dress like a student teacher. Especially when I’ve been qualified a long time and work is the only time my clothes are not covered in fromage frais and whatever my toddler finds in her nose. So, I am going to find the umpteen pairs of heels that have been gathering dust in the back  of my wardrobe from the pre-baby days and *gasp* wear them to work. Heels always make me feel polished, pulled together and instantly lift my confidence as well as slim my thighs – which is never a bad thing.

New School Year Resolutions
These are beautiful, but not quite work appropriate. Shame.

Eat Better

Well I’ve started this already, check out my Fitness Friday posts. It’s clichéd but, I really need to address my eating. I have a habit of eating the same thing, over and over again for lunch and make sure I actually bring my lunch to work. The local shop have probably wondered if I’m still alive as I’ve not been in for 6 weeks o buy Hula Hoops and Ribena. I definitely need to eat a greater variety of food and make sure that I get my 5 a day. Hopefully, meal planning will help this resolution! I’m looking for increased energy as I need a boost. Working full-time, being a mum and a blogger is hard.

Wish Me Luck!

And there you have it. My six school year resolutions. Hopefully, this year I can stick to them all, but I’m realistic, things change! We’ll just have to see!


Do you have anything you’d like to work on over the new academic year?


12 Replies to “New School Year Resolutions”

  1. These are such wonderful school year resolutions. Thanx for sharing this with us. Keep it up, I’m sure you’ll accomplish them. I definitely need to start making my list of resolutions too. Eating better is one of mine for sure.
    -Amy K.

  2. Love this post and I think we can choose whenever we want to start ‘resolutions’. I’m also a massive control freak and unorganised. Hope everything goes well with your kids starting a new school year 🙂

  3. This is such a great post and I need to take notes! I think we can all agree that teachers deserves more credits and praises for taking those kids out of our hands for majority of the day so moms can be more sane. I am OCD and Type A and can totally relate to how a disorganized house can drives you bonkers. Hope all is great with the new school year!

    xo Sheree

  4. Yes, these are so on point. Getting ready the evening before is really important. You wake up knowing exactly what you will be wearing and what your day will look like. Great post, Nay and good luck 🙂

  5. Eating better has been my resolution for years now and I still haven’t gotten perfect at it as I’d like. I mean, I love food too much haha. And yes, heels do have a tendency to make you feel more confident and sexy. I love these!

  6. They really do don’t they! I love a great pair of heels. Totally see your point about the eating resolution too! It has been mine for so long, but I’m finally getting there!

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