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I didn’t feel like I’d been having much luck with my subscription boxes lately, in fact, I was contemplating cancelling them all. Then this month’s Pink Parcel arrived and I was really impressed with the contents. And now all is well with the world again! Well not quite, but a treat always makes me smile and this is why I love subcribing to boxes.

The first thing that I liked about the box was that the didn’t go down the clichéd Valentine’s/Love route. Frankly, I’m a bit over it now. Instead, this month’s theme was all about self-love and treating yourself, a theme that I can definitely get behind.

Pink Parcel February 2018

What Was In The Box?

As always with this box, you get sent plenty of feminine hygiene products which frankly are always essential. But it’s the cute added extras that make my day!

Scentered Love Luxury Mini Therapy Balm

This gorgeously scented roll-on is packed full of rose, cedar wood and patchouli essential oils. I found this had such a calming effect when placed on my my pulse points. I love wearing this on my wrist and inhaling for whenever I need to practise mindfulness which during half-term holiday has been everyday.

Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Green Tea Primer

This was a full-size product and priced at £28, this definitely made the box worth the £12.99 cost. I found this primer hydrating and it made my skin glow.

Wearing the Evelyn Iona Green Tea Primer under my foundation and the Hikari Shimmer Bronzer


Green tea is a well known anti-oxidant and after all the makeup I wear, my skin probably needs it. This didn’t work great with my Kat Von D LockIt foundation (they just didn’t seem to agree with each other) but it was fabulous with both my Mac Studio Fix Fluid and Fenty Beauty. Both foundations seemed to last forever with this primer.

Hikari Shimmer Bronzer

I got the shade Luster and wow, was I impressed. This quad consisted of 4 beautiful and highly pigmented shades that could be mixed together for a pretty shimmery bronzed look or applied separately as eyeshadows.

Hikari Bronzer Pink Parcel February 2018

Have I mentioned how pigmented these are? I was impressed with how shimmery and intense the colour is with this bronzer. I’ve used this every day since I’ve had it; it’s that good.

Hikari Shimmer Bronzer Swatch

Emily Victoria Candles Double Chocolate Chip Wax Melt

I love scented candles but have never used a melt before. This is one is amazing and I’m dying to check out more of the range.  The scent smelt gorgeously chocolatey, not at all artificial and lasted for hours and hours. I can’t wait to check out more of these.

Vitamasques Manuka Honey Hydrating + Moisturising Sheet Mask

I loved this! It felt so luxurious and left my skin feeling so soft and glowing for days afterwards. I am a huge fan of sheet masks and I have to say this is one of the best ones I have ever tried.

Vitamasques Manuka Honey Pink Parcel February

Doisy and Dam Maple, Toasted Rice and Pink Salt Dark Chocolate

I have to be honest, I’m not usually a fan of the chocolate in these boxes but this one was so delicious. My only issue with it was the cost , because at £1.75 for a 40g bar, I’m not sure I’d buy it myself but I wouldn’t say no to receiving this as a gift!


The only product from this box that I couldn’t use was the Yuyo Yerba Zing Tea Bag. However, that is only because caffeine sets off my SVT and this particular tea is caffeine rich. I made it for a friend and noticed that it did smell absolutely amazing so I’m gutted I couldn’t try it.

I have really enjoyed this month’s box and I’m so glad that I continued with my subscription because Pink Parcel has returned to it’s usual high standard. All of the products in this month’s box were pretty great and now I can’t wait to try next month’s box. Roll on March!

Which of these products did you like the look of?

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