What was with my beauty subscription boxes last month? I know January is a dreary month but I was hoping to be perked up by my boxes, but nope. The Look Fantastic one disappointed me and so did this!

I have been receiving the Pink Parcel for a while and I usually find it amazing because it’s a pretty great idea. I need sanitary towels and I need to be cheered up with chocolate and makeup so it’s a genius idea to combine them both. I was just so underwhelmed by this month’s box.

Contents of Pink Parcel January Box

What was inside the box?

The theme of this month’s box was positivity which let’s be honest, is much needed in January. The theme had the potential to be amazing, I’m not just sure that the products in the box lived up to the expectation.


These cute hair ties (or bobbles as we call them in the Midlands) are sweet and I received 4 of them. They are supposed to leave your hair ‘kink-free’ but seeing as my whole head of hair is full of kinks, there wasn’t much point in these for me. The kids are currently using them on their dollies and yes, Rapunzel’s hair has remained kink-free.

Laritzy Eye Pencil

I’d never heard of the brand but these supposedly retail for £18.00. Having tried one, I’m not entirely sure why. There were 4 shades available in this month’s box and I received the Night Blue shade. The colour itself was nice but it wasn’t very pigmented and the pencil felt quite hard. Not what I’d expect from such an expensive eye pencil.

Made By Coppers Apothecary Happy Mist

I’m getting very interested in using essential oils and was intrigued by this. The room mist contains lime, clementine and basil essential oils combined to create an uplifting scent. I sprayed it quite liberally around my bedroom and it might be a placebo effect but I enjoyed the fragrance. This gets extra bonus points because my mood felt good that day.

We Are Tea Sencha Green Tea

I love a good cup of green tea in the morning and I am currently loving the Twinings decaffeinated variety, but I have to say thatvthis was pretty good. Sometimes green tea can be quite bitter but this has quite a smooth taste. I really enjoyed it so will be buying more of this this soon.

Browcote Waterproof Brow Gel

I really don’t understand the point of this product. Most new brow products last pretty well anyway so I’m not really sure why this is needed. I did try it but the scent was overwhelmingly chemical and I found myself irrationally worried about it dropping into my eyes and burning them. Needless to say, I wasn’t a fan.

Montezuma’s Organic Milk Chocolate Chilli and Lime

I tried a square and didn’t like it. I have to say gourmet chocolate is not for me. I’m definitely a Cadbury’s Creme Egg kind of girl so feel free to send these in my next box.

Vega Chocolate Essentials Nutritional Power

I usually make a green or protein smoothie everyday from scratch so it was nice to have one that was much easier to make in the morning. This was so easy. I added it to 375ml of almond milk with agave nectar syrup and it was delicious and chocolatey, not too sweet. This kept me full until my mid-morning snack and seeing as I had my breakfast at 5 and my snack at 11, I really can’t complain.


I’m in a quandary with this box right now. The previous boxes were pretty great and the customer service is amazing.  The products are usually a lot better than this. I think like with my Look Fantastic box, I am going to give this another month before cancelling to see if the Pink Parcel team can up their game for February.

What do you do when you’re disappointed with a product?

12 thoughts on “Pink Parcel January 2018”

  1. So sorry to hear the underwhelming box. It’s definitely not a way to start the new year! I agree and don’t understand the point of a waterproof brow gel. Even more disappointing that the smell made you want to just toss it!

  2. Ah this is one of my fears in getting subscription boxes like this – you never know how satisfied you’ll be with the items and if it’s worth it. And I’d have to agree with you on the gourmet chocolate, better to keep it nice and simple…. and away from chilli and lime haha

  3. I hate it when I get disappointed with something that I was so excited about. I am sorry you didn’t enjoy this, the packaging wasn’t as good… I remember your July and August boxes were so beautiful, I loved them so much. But give them another chance might turn out ok…

  4. I have Birchbox and to be honest I feel like I waste my money. Going to do Beauty Pie instead. May cost more but at least I’ll use the products !

  5. I cancelled Birchbox for the same reasons, there were so many repeat products. Hopefully this box improves.

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