Periods. We all have them and most of the time we’re really happy to see them. After all, it means our bodies are functioning properly which, can only be a good thing! But let’s be honest, whilst we’re happy to know that our reproductive organs are in fine working order, I’ve yet to meet a woman who enjoys her period and this is why I thought the idea behind Pink Parcel was interesting.

Pink Parcel Review

I’m all for trying out the latest in subscription boxes so was intrigued to see the Pink Parcel Box. I try to dress it up as being organised, but frankly, I am lazy and appreciate anything that makes my life easier. I have to buy sanitary towels, I may as well get them delivered with extra goodies to perk me up whilst I’m in a hormonal-fuelled grump.

How Pink Parcel works

Once you’ve signed up, you have to input your cycle details (length of cycle, number of days in a period and last period date) and also your preference for pads or tampons. You even get to choose the specific brand and type of sanitary product you receive depending on your individual needs. I thought this was a great idea as we all have our own preferences and flows change.

Pink Parcel Review

Boxes cost £12.99 each month with no minimum term. Cancellation is also done easily on the Pink Parcel website.  Your box is sent at different times during the month, depending on your cycle but there are 3 delivery dates to choose from.

So, what’s in the box?

First things first, the whole reason I signed up for the box – sanitary towels. Pink Parcel Contents

These come in three separate boxes: night-time pads, a box full of pads for daytime and a cute little pouch with pads and liners inside, designed to be kept in your handbag. I think this is a cute touch as it keeps them handy for when you need them. I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t get enough pads, but as you can see from the picture, quite a lot were delivered!

And now on to the gooodies!

This is where this box really impressed and I definitely feel as though l got value for money as this box contained quite a lot of products. The box had a good range of different things including chocolate and a tea bag. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a chocolate bar. I received this Raw Halo bar which had a dash of salt making it too grown up for the kids to touch!

Pink Parcel Contents

As a beauty addict, I was pleased to see five beauty products, especially as I hadn’t heard of some of the brands so this was a real treat. The first thing that I tried was the Blank Canvas Face Brush which was so soft and at £14.81, this alone made the Pink Parcel worth the money in my eyes.

Until I saw the lipstick… I’d never heard of Trifle Cosmetics but the beautiful red lipstick was so pretty and moisturising. And the packaging was to die for! I’ll definitely be checking out more of their products.

Pink Parcel Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait Whilst the lipstick and brush were my favourite products, the others were pretty good too! I received a Daily Radiance Facial Wash from Urban Veda, a cute little blush from MUA, and a mineral eyeshadow from Cougar.

Would I continue with Pink Parcel?

Definitely! I absolutely loved it and think that it’s a genius idea. I would have to buy pads or tampons each month anyway. This way they get delivered to my door at exactly the right time and come with a few additional  treats. What’s not to like?!?

What are your thoughts on this box? Would you like to try it?

Pink Parcel Subscription Review


6 thoughts on “Pink Parcel Subscription Box Review”

  1. Such I clever idea. This box makes you happy especially during those times when you feel grumpy. I also had a time I forgot to buy pads and then I got my period with no one around to buy for me. Panic mode!

  2. I can imagine! That’s why I love this box, that doesn’t happen as I always have lots of supplies.

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