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I know it can’t just be me that is counting down the eleventy-hundred days that comprise the dreary month of January. After the excesses and excitement of December, January is quite literally the world’s biggest anti-climax. One of the ways that I try to make the month more palatable is to plan something fun to look forward to at the end of the month  – when I’ve *finally* been paid again after what feels like a 7 month wait. This year, I’m planning a trip to one of my favourite places to visit – Liverpool. I must admit, I visit the city pretty frequently as it’s such a great place to shop and I even wrote a post a while back about my date day there with The Boy which consisted mostly of cocktails and makeup shopping. As I’m expecting number 3, cocktails sadly won’t be happening this time, so I decided to make it a family day trip and brought the kids so that I can spend lots of quality time with them before the new arrival this summer.
Royal Albert Docks Family Trip to Liverpool

On my last trip to Liverpool, I took the train for the first time and I will definitely be doing it again. As my youngest is under 5, The return price for us all to travel by train will be around £50 if I book tickets in advance. So I get to save money whilst getting the  opportunity to play card games and I Spy on the way which is much nicer than it sounds!

Exploring the Royal Albert Docks

As soon as we arrive in Liverpool, I’ll be heading to the Royal Albert Docks to continue the girls’ music education by visiting the Beatles Story Exhibition. I’m a huge Beatles fan and would love to see all the memorabilia and exclusive photos housed in the museum whilst talking to the girls about the Fab Four. I’d even let them loose in the gift shop to buy Beatles merchandise for my equally Beatles-mad dad. I’m sure he’d appreciate it!

Family trip to Liverpool - Tate Modern

My eldest is completely obsessed with art and we’ve spent many a day wandering around our local museums and art gallery so I know that she would love to visit the Tate Liverpool which is also conveniently located in the Royal Albert Docks. The Tate Liverpool is currently hosting an exhibition on Op Art (it’s there until July 2020) and I know that my daughter would find it fascinating. She’d really enjoy being inspired by the works of art and trying to replicate the designs in her sketchbook. Best all of, entry to the art gallery is free leaving more money for art supplies!

Exploring Liverpool ONE

After working up an appetite strolling around the museums at the Royal Albert Dock, we’d take a slow walk back to the main city centre to head over to Liverpool ONE to have lunch and treat ourselves with a bit of shopping. In an ideal world, we’d head to Browns for a few delicious cocktails, but as we’ll have the bump and girls in tow, we’ll head to Byron Burger instead. That way The Boy can satisfy his constant need for a ‘proper’ burger and my ‘mac n cheese’ obsessed kids will be delighted to see it on the menu.

With everyone’s tummies full, we may as well do some shopping whilst we’re in Liverpool One and because the trip is my idea, we’ll obviously head to my favourite shops first! As I’m not really buying clothes at the moment, I will of course be browsing makeup shops and the Harvey Nichol’s Beauty Bazaar will be my first stop. I’ll definitely make sure to browse the Nars and Tom Ford counters to see the new collections and pick up a couple of my favourite products that aren’t readily available in Wolverhampton. I’ll also make sure to pop into John Lewis and Superdrug to swatch to my little heart’s content.

The kids have got Christmas money that is burning a hole in their pockets so I know they would love to pay a visit to the Disney store and no doubt add to their Disney Princess dress collection. These girls are Disney obsessed! The girls won’t be the only ones visiting toy stores as The Boy is a big kid (in case his pseudonym didn’t give it away!) so I’m sure he’ll be dragging us along to the Lego store to browse. Hopefully he won’t be adding to his growing collection, but I doubt it!

Heading Home

Before we head back to Liverpool Lime Street, I’d love to take the girls on a walk around the city centre to show them some of the famous sights. The Cavern Club is an obviously first choice destination to show them simply because of it’s historical significance. Unfortunately, they’re a little too young to go inside but it’d be nice so show them where the Beatles started out. We’d also have to have a stroll around town on a sort of treasure hunt to see which statues we could see. My youngest is obsessed with Cilla Black’s version of Sing A Rainbow so I don’t doubt that she’d love posing with Cilla’s statue. With so much packed into the day, hopefully the children would snooze on the train home and I’d be able to rest and play with all my new makeup on the way home whilst making plans for my next child-free return visit to Liverpool – and yes, that will include cocktails!

If you were planning a trip to Liverpool, where would you head to first? Let me know in the comments.

If you need more inspiration, use the tag #YourLiverpoolOne to find out what other people are planning to visit in Liverpool.


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