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Hands up if you think that you’re never properly groomed without having your nails done? Whether that’s polish, a gel manicure or acrylics I absolutely love having my nails done. What I don’t love is the cost. Where I’m based, a full-set of acrylics with gel polish costs £35-£40 with fortnightly infills costing around the £25 mark. This all adds up.

 Primark Nails

At the moment, I’m saving up to move house therefore I thought that economising with my nails would be a good call. Budgeting doesn’t mean that I want to look ungroomed. My own nails just never seem to grow and split constantly. I’ve tried what feels like every vitamin supplement and strengthening polish in the world and nothing has worked consistently. I want to have pretty and preferably glittery nails so I felt like I needed a little help in the nails department. 

One of the Facebook groups that I belong to (I’m pretty sure it was Mrs Gloss and The Goss) had members raving about the Primark Stick-On False nails, and as I’m a huge fan on the Ps… makeup range, I definitely thought that these were worth a go.

Primark Nails Review
I also picked up a holographic nail polish for the kids which almost made up for the fact that I didn’t buy them unicorn themed false nails. (Yes they exist!)


At my local Primark which is pretty small, there was a wide range of nail choices, starting from as little as £1 for basic matte nails. Chrome, glitter and metallic nails cost £2 and more complicated designs (such as the gorgeous unicorn design not to mention the pretty Disney Villain range too) cost £3. I figured that was a huge saving when compared with going to the salon, I had nothing to lose if it didn’t work.

Primark Nails

Each pack comes with 24 nails of all different sizes which is great as I was worried I wouldn’t find any to fit me mostly because I don’t have the most delicate day ladylike hands (Thanks DNA!!!) but even I found that they fitted me. However, I would highly recommend filing the nails carefully to make they fit properly so even if they don’t appear like they will fit at first, filing them will get a slightly different shape.

Primark Nails: First Impressions

I’ve never used stick on nails before so I was unsure what to expect. The colour of the Meteorite Chroming pack was so lovely and the Glitter Rose Gleam was also nice. The only problem with the glittery nails was that I kept finding little pieces of pink glitter would come off these and I was finding it everywhere. If I were to wear these again, I would probably put a top coat of clear polish on to stop that from happening.

Primark Nails Chroming Meteorite

The nails felt thin and lightweight, which I actually liked. After wearing acrylics tips and overlays for years, one thing that bugged me about them was the thickness and this wasn’t a problem with the Primark nails. They actually felt only slightly thicker than my natural nail.

How I Applied The Nails

Believe it or not, even though I am borderline obsessed with having nice nails, I very rarely do them myself. I nearly always get them done so I’m actually such an amateur when it comes to all things nails. I didn’t have a clue where to start.

Primark Nails Glitter

So, when I tried these, I put a bit of an SOS call onto Instagram looking for the best tips for application. After applying two pairs of Primark nails and listening to all the tips that I received, I’ve managed to create a step by step guide to application for all my fellow nail novices.

Step-by-step application guide


  1. The first thing that I did was wipe my nails with some nail polish remover to make sure that the nails were clean and also to remove any natural oils that might stop the adhesive from working.
  2. I then lightly buffed each nail with a buffer just to roughen the surface slightly and give the adhesive something to grip to. Be careful that you don’t remove too much of your natural nail when doing this.
  3. Try a variety of the Primark nails against your natural nail to get the correct fit. File if necessary.
  4. Put the adhesive onto the nail, press onto you natural nail and hold in place for 30 seconds.
  5. File the nails if you want to change the length or shape. When doing this make sure that you hold the artificial nail in place just in case the adhesive wasn’t quite strong enough.



There is such a huge variety of shapes, colours and textures that you are bound to find a nail to suit you and these are at such a bargain price that if you need nails for a special evening or one off event then these are great! I personally found that when I used the nail glue that came in the packet, that the nails struggled to last for more than a day or so. To be fair, I am very hard on my nails, constantly typing plus I’m a single mum to two little girls and seem to be forever cleaning and doing laundry, not to mention that my technique might not be the best.

However, I did find that when I used another glue, such as Nailene that the nails lasted a lot longer and I managed to get about a week’s worth of wear out of them, particualrly if I was careful, making them a great money-saving alternative to going to the salon.

Overall, whilst I like these, if I’m honest, heading to the salon to get my nails done feels like I’m treating myself so I can’t see me ever giving that up for good but the Primark nails are a good stop-gap whilst I save!

Have you tried the Primark nails? What are your thoughts? Could you give up going to the salon?

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  1. I adore the Rose Gleam set, they are gorgeous and look like they could be professionally done. It is amazing that they cost so little so if you can’t afford the salon treat one month they would be ideal.

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