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You’ve got to hand it to Adam Minto and the team at Revolution Beauty they know how to launch the type products that get us all talking, at prices that we can all afford. The world went crazy for the Conceal and Define concealers at the start of the year and there was such a huge buzz around the Fast Base Foundation Stick well before it’s March launch (it was even in the Daily Mail!) that I knew that I had to have it.

You’ll probably have noticed from my previous foundation reviews, that foundation tends to be the one product that I always splurge on. It’s not so much that I think that more expensive products are synonymous with quality, it’s more that historically, it’s been difficult to find a match for my skin tone. I need testers and multiple options. I learnt a long time ago that by the time I’ve tried three drugstore foundations to get the right colour, I may as well have spent the money to get the expert advice at the counters and be correctly matched. However, I’m a huge fan of everything Makeup Revolution so thought I’d give this a try.

Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

Tell Me The Basics…

P in case you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard much about these, I’ll fill you in. The Fast Base Foundation Stick was launched in March 2018 with 18 shades catering for skin tones from light to deep and were designed to correspond with the shades in the Conceal and Define concealer range.

The Fast Base Foundation Stick costs £5 which when compared with my Armani Power Fabric at £40 or even the more reasonably priced Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r at £26, the Fast Base Foundation Stick is such a bargain. It’s availabe in store at Superdrug or online at Revolution Beauty.

What The Brand Say…

The easy-to-apply formula melts into skin, blending seamlessly to leave a fresh and dewy finish.

Quite bold claims for a £5 foundation but Makeup Revolution products are usually pretty good. They have a right to be so proud of their products. Read on to find out if I agree.

First Impressions

As the Fast Base Foundation Stick shades correspond with the Conceal and Define shades, I had to purchase both 9 and 10 in order to find a match for my skin. In a more expensive foundation this would bug me, but even with buying two, this still only cost me £10.

Fast Base Foundation Stick in F9 and F10
F9 on the left, F10 on the right.


The packaging was plain but pretty. I love anything rose gold so I was bound to love this and it goes so beautifully with the cream casing. I wasn’t expecting much from  the packaging as Revolution’s packaging can sometimes be quite basic. I was pleasantly surprised with this as it was quite sturdy and felt stronger than I had anticipated.

Fast Base Foundation Stick Swatches F9, F10
F9, F10


As with the concealers there seems to be a huge jump in shades between the F9 and the F10. I can’t quite understand why, but I do mix the two to get a perfect shade for my NC35 skin.

What Was It Like To Wear?

Well the Fast Base Foundation Stick is definitely easy to apply. This couldn’t be any easier. My 3 year old managed to get hold of it and she did a half decent job! I literally drew no more than 8 lines on my face and blended using either a beauty blender or my fingers. In my opinion, it blended extremely easily with my fingers but took longer with my blender. I didn’t try it with a brush as the foundation felt too thick and I felt that I’d probably be buffing it in forever!

I loved that the foundation shades matched up with the concealer shades as frankly, this makes it even easier to buy. I swatched the foundation next to the equivalent concealer and as you can see, they match really well.

Fast Base Foundation Stick and Conceal and define foundation swatches C9, f9, c10, f10
C9, F9, C10, F10


If you decide to use this foundation, just a word of caution, it is thick. This is definitely a full-coverage foundation, it easily covered my acne scars and blemishes. But it just felt too thick, so much so that I could almost feel it on my face during the day. Not matter how many times that I tried to use a lighter hand, by midday I could always feel it on my skin.

In all fairness, it is designed to give a dewy finish and I definitely found that it made my dry patches look better and less dry. Unfortunately, the Fast Base Foundation Stick did absolutely nothing for my t-zone and I looked extremely oily by midday. Admittedly, I apply my makeup at 6am so I had managed to get about 5 and a half hours of wear before it started to look dreadful.

My other issue with this foundation was that it wasn’t remotely transfer proof. I left a little trail of foundation everywhere I went for the few days that I trialled it, for which I’m sure The Kids and The Boy are eternally grateful for. I touched my face and  then anything else I touched had little brown finger prints, it annoyed me. It also meant that the foundation became patchy really easily.

Overall Verdict

Well, I was completely underwhelmed with this. For me, it didn’t live up to the hype and hasn’t become the holy grail that the corresponding concealers have done. That said, I’m not convinced that they are designed for combination/oily skin. I personally think that they are worth trying it your skin tends to be dry. If you’re oily give these a miss unless you want people to be able to see their reflection on your face. (My patches of shine were that good!)

Have you tried this foundation? Have you got on better than me? What are your thoughts? Am I being harsh?

Fast Base Foundation Stick


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