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It feels like forever since I have done a makeup review post. Mostly because the majority of my money is currently being spent on carpet, furniture and car repairs. *Sigh* But frankly that is a whole other sad story! However, being the massive Revolution fan that I am, when I saw that Soph from Sophdoesnails had brought out the Extra Spice palette with Revolution as part of their range of collaborations with popular influencers, I had to break my no-buy in order to try it. So obviously, I made my order.  New curtains can wait!

So Tell Me The Basics…

This time around, Soph’s collection consists of an eye shadow palette and 3 lipsticks. All with a combination of gorgeous metallic rose gold and matte nude packaging. I was a little gutted that she didn’t bring out a new highlighter palette as the one from her first range is breathtaking.  The eye shadow palette retails for £10 and contains a combination of 18 shimmer and matte shades, working out to only be £1.80 per shade which frankly is an utter bargain. The three lipsticks in the range are on the slightly more expensive side for Revolution, but still only cost £4 each so again, aren’t going to break the bank either.

The range is exclusively available at Revolution and Superdrug (which recently had a 3 for 2 across all makeup and beauty products so you can get your hands on this range and save pennies!)

Soph Extra Spice Collection

Like, all Revolution products, the latest Soph range is cruelty-free and vegan friendly so you can look prettier without damaging the environment which frankly sounds like a win-win situation for me.

The Extra Spice Palette

First things first, I’m going to look at the eye shadow palette itself. I had really high hopes for this as I was a huge fan of the original palette and fortunately this one doesn’t disappoint.

Soph Extra Spice Palette


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, I am obsessed with anything rose gold. So much so that after my recent surgery, my friend joked about spray painting my bandages rose gold. Unfortunately we couldn’t do it, sadly it’s an infection risk *sobs quietly* but the packaging on this palette more than makes up for it. The palette has a sleek but sturdy package with a metallic rose gold finish. I’m not going to lie it’s almost certainly a fingerprint magnet but it’s so pretty. Plus it has a huge mirror inside which helps to make me a happy bunny and makes this an ideal candidate for being my holiday eye shadow palette.


I wanted to ensure that I described these shades accurately (and I’m still in a post-surgery bubble) , so I took these directly from the Revolution website in order for you to see the cute names alongside the shade descriptions, enabling you to see the wide variety of colours for yourself.

Extra Spice Swatches

Everyday – very pale purple with a white shift, duo-chrome finish

Running Late – carrot orange, matte finish

Infinity – silver, metallic finish

Cheesecake – chestnut brown, matte finish

Cookie Dough – soft brown, matte finish

Dreams – warm champagne, shimmer finish

Extra Spice Swatches

Vitamin C – canary yellow, matte finish

Sweet N Sour – electric orange, matte finish

Twenty One – cerise pink, matte finish

Romance – burgundy with a pink shift, shimmer finish

Enchanted – wine purple, matte finish

Lakes – dark olive green, matte finish

Extra Spice swatchesBrownies – deep brown, matte finish

Chocolate Orange – sienna brown, matte finish

Mulled Wine – red violet, matte finish

LA Sun – gold, shimmer finish

Aurora – khaki green, shimmer finish

Reputation – charcoal black, matte finish

4 Things I love about this palette

There is such a huge variety of different shades in this palette. I love that it doesn’t just stick to one colour family which at times can be boring. The Extra Spice palette has so many different shades that it is possible to create literally hundreds of looks.

The quality of these eye shadows is amazing. They are highly pigmented and blend beautifully making them easy to create looks with. I also found  that even without a primer they were true to colour but with the addition of a primer, they lasted even longer and the colours were intensified.

Extra Spice paletteThey say that ‘little things, please little minds’ and one of the things that I love about this palette is the fact that the names of each shadow is printed next to the shadow on the palette. I personally find this makes following You Tube tutorials so much easier. I must add though, I don’t know if it’s my age causing my eyesight to deteriorate but I found the names a little difficult to read. Is it me? But they were there so I’m a happy bunny!

Have I mentioned that this palette is affordable? The price point when compared with the quality is just unbelievable. Revolution have made another amazing palette. Gold stars all around.

So… If I Have The First Palette Do I Need This?

And this is where I feel mean! I really need to work on giving constructive criticism without feeling incredibly guilty. I could not be an X Factor judge. I happen to have the first Soph palette and in all fairness, it is a great palette! I love it. But is Extra Spice massively different? I’m not so sure… Maybe it’s me but I’m seeing lots of greens, browns, oranges and reds. Whilst I like the addition of the yellow shades, I’m not really sure I’m seeing a huge difference. It feels like there is a lot of overlap. Especially when you consider that Soph herself says that this palette is “more daring and bold than my last palette.”

Soph Extra Spice palette The other thing that really bugs me about the Extra Spice palette is that it contains less shades than the original palette but yet costs the same price… Now I’m no expert, but I’ve tested A LOT of makeup over the years and frankly, I can’t see the minutest of discrepancies in quality between these palettes. I cannot for the life of me understand the difference in prices. Even less so when the amazing Tropical Paradise palette by MakeupbyTammi contained a whopping 23 eye shadow shades (which were larger pans by the way) and yet cost exactly the same… I know that Extra Spice is still an absolute bargain at £10 but even so, it bugs me.

Let Them Cake…

Well according to Huff Post we women eat about 7lbs of lipstick in our lifetimes. I’m not going to lie, that absolutely disgusts me, but if I’m going to be eating it anyway (as we all know I’m not going to stop wearing it!) I might as well eat Cake!

Soph Lipsticks
Fudge, Syrup and Cake


Not only do these lipsticks have the sweetest names, they are super moisturising, highly pigmented and leave a creamy almost satin finish. They’re not super matte so don’t have that horrible drying feeling but neither are they are shiny and sticky. I found all three super comfortable to wear and I didn’t have any issue with longevity with them. They all lasted for most of the day and I only needed to reapply after meals, but I feel that’s a fair trade for not having to suffer with dry lips.

Soph Lipstick swatches
Top to Bottom:
Fudge, Syrup, Cake



These lipsticks are marketed at being suitable for all skin tones and to be honest, there isn’t that much of a difference between each shade. I’m not usually a nude or brown lipstick kind of girl but the formulation of these temped me. Plus the chocolatey brown nude Fudge made me yearn for my teen days of the 90s!

Soph lipstick close ups

I feel like a little more though has gone into the packaging for these lipstick, than the palette. The rose gold case is just beautiful and I do think that the Soph imprint in the actual bullet is a nice touch for fans.

Overall Verdict

I know I have ranted a bit about the palette and feeling short-changed in the number of shades that it has in comparison with the previous palette but that aside, the shadows are good and the usual amazing Revolution beauty standard. I’m just being picky. At £10 for 18 pans, it’s still a bargain and if you haven’t got the original palette, I’d definitely recommend heading down to Superdrug. And whilst you’re there, pick up a lipstick or three!

Have you tried the Revolution x Soph range? Am I being too harsh? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I bought the extra spice palette simply for the yellow shades and I’m so glad I did because the mirror is so handy and the gold and silver shades are perfect for Christmas!
    As for the lipsticks, syrup looks absolutely gorgeous!

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