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I came across You Tuber Tammi Clarke a while ago when I was looking to break out of my bronze/gold eye shadow comfort zone and try something bright and colourful. PSA: If you’re looking for colour, Tammi is your girl. Her friendly and chatty style – as well as her tendency to use affordable makeup – meant that I quickly became a huge fan of her videos. I was more than a little excited to see that she had collaborated with one of my very favourite drugstore brands, Revolution (formerly Makeup Revolution) and brought out her own palette. I literally stalked the website on release day.

Revolution x Tammi palette

Tell Me More…

Let me start by saying that although this palette will suit a range of skin tones, it has been designed with women of colour in mind. In the You Tube video where she introduced the Tropical Palette, Tammi explains that it was vital to her that the palette worked for her skin tone. This is music to my ears. It’s so important for all skin tones and shades are catered for. In comparison to lots of ladies, I’m quite light-skinned but I too have had the frustrating problem of not being able to find shades or half the shades in a palette do not suit me. It’s a shame that in 2018 seeing darker skins cater for is still so new. Roll on the day when it’s just a given. Well done Tammi and Revolution Beauty, if you can do it, why can’t the others?

First Impressions

The Basics

Let’s get the important information out the way. How much does this cost and where can get it? In the UK, the only places to pick up Revolution products are Superdrug and the Revolution Beauty website. The Tropical Paradise palette contains a total of 23 shades, with 11 shimmers and 12 mattes all for the bargain price of £10. This is the same price as other palettes that Revolution have created in collaboration with beauty influencers.

Revolution x Tammi

The Packaging

As Tammi explains in the video, and as you can tell by looking at it, the box is inspired by a tropical Caribbean sunset which reflects Tammi’s heritage. I love this touch as it makes the palette feel as if it’s come directly from Tammi and expresses her personality. The palette itself is a sturdy, on-trend rose gold, which predictably I loved. It is the type of material that will attract fingerprints and smears but most palettes do. I can live with that.

When I opened the box I was so happy to see a mirror. So many of the drugstore brands (and some high-end, I’m looking at you Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette) don’t include mirrors in their palettes and I think this is a huge mistake on their part.  Another gold star to Tammi for including one.

The only con I found with this palette was that the although the shade names were well-thought out (I love that Tammi named Queen Lou after her mum) and printed on an inner film, they were not printed in the actual palette. Revolution had started to do this recently with their most recently I Heart Revolution chocolate bar palettes and I find it to be incredibly useful when following tutorials. However, have you seen the size of the pans? I’m not sure where Tammi would have even managed to fit the names without losing some of the product or making the palette huge, so I guess I can see why the decision was made to leave them off.


As you can see, the shades in the top row are mostly warm-toned pinks, oranges and golds. If I’m honest, these are more my usual shades and my favourite shade in this entire palette is Treasure (third from bottom). It’s such a pretty, bronze shimmer and perfect for me. The pigmentation of this first row of  shades is mostly pretty good with the exception of Purpy Purps (fourth from bottom) which I felt could be more pigmented.

I have to be honest, the next set of swatches are not really my everyday kind of colours but this is the year of pushing my boundaries, so I was excited to try them and create new looks.

Revolution x Tammi swatches

The pigmentation does vary somewhat with these shades. I personally felt that Midnight Stroll could be ‘blacker’ but then it is a tricky shade to get right. The shadows are buildable and over primer (and everyone needs to be using an eyelid primer or concealer to prep the lids in my humble opinion) look absolutely amazing.

The final three shades in the palette are described by Tammi as ‘base’ or ‘transition’ shades and are designed to suit every skin tone. As you can see, Coconut Cream, the first shade is too light for my skin and doesn’t show up. The middle shade Nutmeg is perfect for me, whilst Isle of Spice would be perfect for darker skin tones.


It would’ve taken a lot for me to not like this palette and I have to say, it is pretty lovely. I’ve tried a few different looks with it over the past two weeks and my favourite so far has to be a gold and purple combination. For the following look I used  Nutmeg and Coraline in the crease, with Carnival on the lid and Exotic on the inner corner. What I loved about this look was that it stayed put all day. In 28 degree heat and even when I was gardening (yep, I’ve turned old now that I have a house!)



The Tropical Paradise palette has a large variety of colours instead of sticking to one colour family, which means that for bright-shadow phobics like myself, we get to try a bright colour without the huge financial commitment of hundred of palettes. I love the way that Tammi has organised the palette as it is so easy to see which colour combinations work well together and compliment each other. For amateurs like myself, it really helps.

The shadows blend really well together and are the usual Revolution quality. I really don’t understand how they manage to make their products to be so amazing at such a low price point but I’m glad that they do! Having seen the new Soph palette, I’m hoping that Tammi gets to bring out another palette too as the Tropical Paradise palette is so thought out and well-considered that I would love to try another one. If you haven’t tried this palette, you really must.

Will you be buying this palette or is it already in your collection? Let me know in the comments.

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