One of the best perks of being a beauty and lifestyle blogger is getting to attend PR events. I am a huge fan of Stila products and was absolutely delighted to be invited to the launch of their Bohemian Beauty Spring 2018 range, especially as it meant that I got to swatch all the new products whilst listening to expert advice from Stila UK’s lead makeup artist Sascha.

(The mini burgers and chocolate mousses can also not be ignored!)

Stila Bohemian Beauty Spring Launch

About the launch

The Stila Bohemian Beauty Spring 18 launch, contains 14 new liquid eyeshadows (6 are limited edition), 18 new liquid lipsticks and 4 kajal eyeliners.

The brand itself describes Bohemian Beauty as:

Freestyle in opulent colours and lush textures. A free-spirited, eclectic,artistic approach to eyes and lip

What I loved about the Bohemian Beauty launch was that Stila have taken two of my all-time favourite products, Stay All Day liquid lipsticks and the Glitter and Glow liquid eye shadows, and played around with the texture to create some really new pretty colours and finishes. 

“Colours with texture and sparkle bring a decadence and timeless beauty element to your classic makeup routine.”

Sarah Lucero,
Stila’s Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry


I’m a huge makeup fan (some might say obsessive hoarder) but I’m not an expert so sometimes I find it tricky to know how to put looks together. Another thing that I love about this range is that it Stila have produced these look cards. Each card shows you a makeup look from the range and tells you exactly which products you need to use to recreate it. Genius idea for novices like myself. Now onto the actual products…

Stila Bohemian Beauty Spring 18 Launch

Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow £23

I think everyone has heard of the Glitter and Glow, it’s iconic. I love its lightweight texture but even a glitterholic like myself can concede that there are times when the sparkle needs to be turned down a notch. The Shimmer and and Glow liquid eye shadows are perfect for this as they contain the same ingredients as the Glitter and Glow but the particles are a little bit smaller so you get the same sheen but without the glitter.

Just like the Glitter and Glow these are lightweight and can be layered on top of each other to create different looks. I’ve even tried using one of my Glitter and Glow  liquid eyeshadows in the centre of the lid on top of Starlight Shimmer and Glow to create a halo effect and it looked so pretty.

Permanent Additions

This picture doesn’t capture the true shimmer of these. They are utterly beautiful. Check out my Instagram page for a video to show just how shimmery these are in real-life. The colours, which were inspired by some of Stila’s powder eye shadow shades, are a lot more muted than than the Glitter and Glows and I think the Shimmer and Glow would be fine for day-to-day. I’ve even worn Starlight to work to give a glowing natural look.

Stila Bohemian Beauty Shimmer and Glow Swatches

Shade Descriptions: From Top to Bottom

Jezebel – Rose Gold

Grace – Rose Taupe

La Douce – Warm Gold Green

Starlight – Light Gold Champagne

Cloud – Lavender with Gold Pearl

Pigalle – Cranberry

Twig – Chesnut Brown

Kitten – Nude Pink

Limited Edition

These three colours are so vibrant and remind me so much of Spring (when it finally arrives), in fact I could see these being perfect for creating festival looks.

Stila Bohemian Beauty Spring 2018 launch

Shade descriptions:

Freedom – Pale Aqua

Carefree – Pink Coral

Bohème – Pale Lilac

And for the glitterholics amongst us, and frankly who doesn’t love Glitter… I couldn’t not mention the new Glitter and Glow shades because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love glitter?

Stila Bohemian Beauty Spring 18

Shade Descriptions:

Gypsy – Lilac with a magenta pearl

Wanderlust – Sheer Gold with a pink sparkle

Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks £16

And onto the new liquid lipsticks. I genuinely didn’t think that I could love these liquid lipsticks anymore than I already do. The avocado oil and Vitamin E make these so comfortable to wear as they don’t dry out the lips, not to mention the fact that these last forever. I’m 99% sure they would survive a zombie attack. I love them because their longevity and transfer-resistant finish makes them perfect for busy mums.

For the Bohemian Beauty 2018 collection, Stila have introduced two new finishes alongside the original matte formula, shimmer and and sheer as well as extending the original line of mattes by 6 more shades.

Stay All Day Shimmer Liquid Lipstick

Judging by the name and comparing these to the Shimmer and Glow liquid eyeshadows, I was expecting a full-on metallic look which worried me, as that’s not for me. So I was pleasantly surprised with these shimmer liquid lipsticks to find that they give a very subtle metallic finish. Something different from the current trend for matte lipstick, but understated as let’s be honest, not all of us want to walk around town with an editorial look on our faces.

Excuse the messy swatches, I had my hands full of goodies!
Shade Descriptions:

Beso Shimmer – True Red
Nudo shimmer – Warm Terracotta Nude
Lume shimmer – Fuschia
Illuminate shimmer – Caramel
Patina Shimmer – Dusty Rose
Miel shimmer – Warm Dusty Rose

Stay All Day Sheer Liquid Lipstick

As well as bringing us the shimmer finish, Stila have also introduced the sheer finish which is a light wash of colour that’s  gives a softer appearance but as you can see is still highly pigmented.

Despite the pictures, (in my defence, I was holding my camera, 6 liquid liquids and trying to swatche whilst perched on a stool!) these lipsticks don’t bleed or smidge day like their matte and shimmer counterparts are transfer-resistant. Just don’t forget to let them dry properly first, which takes seconds!

Stila Bohemian Beauty

Shade Descriptions:

Sheer Patina -Dusty Rose
Sheer Beso  – True Red
Sheer Morello – Black Cherry

Sheer Ballerina – Soft light pink
Sheer Splendore – Warm Dusty Rose
Sheer Caramello – Neutral nude

Stay All Day Matte Liquid Lipstick

As I’ve already said, I’m a huge fan of the original Stila liquid lipsticks and I was so excited to see that the brand have released 6 more shades of the matte finish.

Stila Bohemiam Beauty Launch

I don’t know quite what happened but I only seem to have managed to swatch 5, so will be hunting for the last one and will feature it on Instagram for you to see soon.

Shade Descriptions:

Sogno – Mid-Tone Warm Rose
Portifino – Pink Rose
Caro – Light Pink
Sonata – Warm Rose
Dolce Vita – Cool Rose.

Smudge Kajal Eye Liner £15

I absolutely love a kajal eye liner but often find that it either looks too harsh or smudges everywhere plus as a contact lens wearer, it can be hard to find a liner that was suitable for my waterline.

The Smudge Kajal Eye Liner is incredibly pigmented, the black is called Intense Black and is correctly named there’s no charcoal grey about this colour.  It’s full-on. What I also love about this liner is that it is so soft and creamy meaning it doesn’t drag the delicate skin when lining your eyes.

The Smudge Kajal Eye Liner also comes with a built in sharpener and smudger to ensure that you always get the line that you want and can easy create a soft line.

Stila Bohemin beauty

The Smudge Kajal Eye Liner comes in 4 shades:

Nude (perfect in the waterline to make you look more awake)

Intense Black (the name speaks for itself)

Espresso (very dark brown)

Sapphire (very dark navy blue)

All four of these were creamy and smudged beautifully. I haven’t stopped wearing Espresso since I got it because it makes me look more pulled together but with a much softer look than a black liquid liner.

And that’s the whole new collection! Well done you for getting to the end of this mammoth post. Now go and reward yourself to your favourite product from the Bohemian Beauty launch.

Is there anything you’ve seen that you have to have? What’s your favourite product from the Bohemian Beauty launch?

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