I’m not sure what’s happening to me, I seem to be turning into some sort of domestic goddess. Normally, if ever I’ve had extra money to treat myself it’s always been makeup – I’m not really a clothes person. But lately, I’ve been really focussed on improving my flat and making it more homely.

In my quest to be the new Martha Stewart, I’ve been spending the last few weeks having a huge clearout, starting in my bedroom. I’ve shocked myself with the sheer amount of stuff that I have. I have absolutely loads of makeup. And clothes. And shoes.  Most of it I don’t remember buying if I’m brutally honest. Or didn’t realise that I had…

One of my many forgotten about palettes.


So, in an attempt to save money so that I can buy all the furniture and scented candles that I want, I’m officially going on a no-buy. My palette addiction needs to be stopped. For now. I won’t lie, it’s going to be amazingly hard. Just today, I was just browsing the department stores, staring wistfully at palettes before sadly realising that I am starting a no-buy challenge. At the same  time, I’m excited about all the changes that the future will bring. I can do this.

Reasons for my no-buy

I’m a list maker and such a logical person. I decided that if I am going to stick to this, I need to fully understand the reasons why I’m challenging myself, set out rules and give myself a time limit.

The main reason that I want to do this, is simply that I have run out of space to store my makeup! This means that if I buy anymore, I have absolutely nowhere to put it. All of my MUJI drawers are full, so I’d have to leave my makeup in other (easy to reach for the toddler) places which defeats the whole object of buying new makeup when it will inevitably be trashed within minutes. (Can you tell I’m speaking from experience?)


Another reason for the no-buy, is that I get so excited when I’m buying and trying new products that I often forget about my old favourites. I have some amazing products in my collection and these don’t get used. It’s only when I’m rummaging around my stash to find items to do makeup for other people that I remember some of the amazing things that I’ve already got. It seems so wasteful.

No-Buy Rules

1: No more beauty related purchases.

I’m being realistic and only planning to stick with this until my birthday in November because I always buy myself a palette to celebrate. It’s almost like a tradition! The only time I am allowed to break this rule is if  I am replacing something that has run out and I have no alternatives. For example, I can’t replace my Power Fabric foundation when I have my Studio Fix still here. The only things that I can foresee running out in this time is my primer and hair conditioner. Everything else I seem to have multiple backups of.

2: Gifts are allowed

I’m lucky to have a couple of people in my life who are such enablers for my makeup addiction – and are more than happy to pick up a product or two as a treat when I go shopping with them! I’m guessing that at least a quarter of my collection has been gifted by the mister (who actually has good taste and quite a lot of makeup knowledge, should I be concerned???).

No buy

I’ve decided that small surprise gifts (so no hint dropping or ‘accidentally’ putting £50 worth of Sleek makeup into the basket at Boots) are ok as some of them also come from brands that might want to work with me. Or also others might come from the other half and tend to be new products he’s seen on his travels which would be great to blog about. I write a beauty blog, so I have to be trying new products. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

3: Free Samples are also allowed 

I can’t see myself suddenly stopping browsing through department stores – I enjoy it too much. I’ve always been a window shopper. So, my plan is to continue looking and hopefully some of the nice counter staff that I’ve befriended over the years will still let me try the occasional free samples of products.  To be honest, I love looking at makeup that much, I can’t seee being tempted by just browsing. I browse all of the time anyway!

Starting now…

I’m actually quite excited about doing this. I think it will be a good opportunity to see exactly what I’ve got me use it. I’m hoping that it will force me to be creative when it comes to putting looks together instead of repeatedly trying out the new things that I have. If I’m honest, I’m hoping to take the same approach with clothes and bags. It’ll be nice to get creative!

Also, I’m excited about the future. Decluttering is making space in my home and mind for all of the exciting times to come. Plus when I eventually have more space and all the furniture, scatter cushions and scented candles  that I need, I’m sure there will be the biggest haul ever.

Have you ever tried a no-buy? How did you get on?


72 thoughts on “My Summer No-Buy Challenge”


  2. That’s a good idea too! I have so many things that I’ve bought because of a trend when I tend to stick to a more classic look.

  3. I had to do a no buy challenge for myself last summer. My makeup collection had gotten out of control. Since then I’ve done much better at keeping my buying a little more reasonable.

  4. I think the fact that I’ve run out of space to store my makeup says a lot! Think my makeup purchasing has got out of control.

  5. This is a great idea 🙂 it sounds like you’re doing a no-buy for the same reasons I’m doing a massive project pan. I just want to move out everything I don’t like so much so that I can work on my favorites and get new things to try without feeling so guilty. Good luck with everything! Great post <3

  6. OMG this is great but I don’t know if I could do it! Actually, I could probably do it for makeup since I don’t wear too much but I do NOT think I could do it for clothes! What a cool challenge!

  7. See, I’m the other way around. I’d have no problems stopping buying clothes. This makeup nobuy is really hard going.

  8. This is a great challenge especially if you are running out of room to store your make-up out of reach from the kids. I have an addition to resale stores and always buy clothes I love when I go into them stores. My room is full of clothing that I have to donate. Decluttering is always good for us I believe. Thanks for sharing your no-buy challenge and good luck.

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