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My obsessions with Disney and makeup are well-known, what isn’t quite as well-known is my obsession with pretty stationery. Predictably, I love all things rose gold, pink and pretty especially planners. So imagine how excited I was when I was contacted by Surprz  to try their subscription service for personalised planner stickers. Of course I had to say yes!

Surprz stickers

How It Works

The first thing to do (and I have to say the most fun part of the process!) is to design your character – or printed mini-me as I like to call it. The options on the website allow you to personalise your character’s hair style and colour, skin tone and eye shape and colour which enables you to get your alter-ego to look however you like!

Surprz Stickers

Thankfully you don’t have to worry about changing the outfits, as these will be different in each parcel. A new  collection of stickers arrives every month and is designed to reflect the time of year. I received my pack of planner stickers in Spring and the pastel colours reflected this time of year beautifully. Personally, I can’t wait to see the stickers that come at Christmas time because I’m already imagining what my mini-me will look like in red and green but that’s just me…

After you have designed your character, the  next step is to select which pack you would like to receive. I tried the planner pack (the fun pack looks more like it is aimed at tween girls and I’m ever so slightly older than that!) and I absolutely loved it. It came with really pretty stickers of my character, a range of personalised motivational quotes (which are always my kind of thing) to stick into my planner and intricate mandalas designed to colour in during long meetings. Or at least that’s what I am going to do…Surprz stickers

First Impressions

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, I am a sucker for packaging and will buy literally anything if it’s pink and cute. The packaging for these stickers doesn’t disappoint. They planner pack arrived in a brightly coloured spotty envelope which easily fitted through my letterbox. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by just how many sheets of stickers were in the envelope. It seemed like I had a never ending stash of stickers.

Surprz stickers

As already mentioned, the theme for the pack I received was Spring and the pastel colours most definitely helped to brighten up my planner. I don’t really use a bullet journal anymore (because I prefer to use my Kikki K planner to keep me organised)  but these would be quite an easy way to brighten up your monthly spreads, especially if like me you’re not remotely artistic!

So… What’s The Cost?

I thought these might be really expensive but they are on a par with all of my other subscription boxes and even just writing that down suggests I might have a problem… The monthly cost is $19.95 with free worldwide shipping but it was delivered surprisingly rapidly considering it was an international order.  If you’re based in the UK like me, these will cost you around £15 a month and you can make it even cheaper by signing up with my special discount code (type in NAOMI20 during checkout at Surprz) and you will save 20% on your first month’s collection making it even more of a bargain.

Surprz Stickers

Final Verdict

What I loved about these is that they appealed to stationery addicts of all ages. Whenever I had my planner open on my desk, I received compliments on these stickers and my daughters are huge fans! Admittedly Miss B is a complete and utter stationery addict like her mum and for her upcoming 6th birthday, I am going to treat her to the fun pack so that she can decorate her own journal with her own stickers instead of stealing mine!

If you want to treat yourself, don’t forget to use the discount code NAOMI20 to get 20% off your first order at

Are you a stationery addict too? Let me know in the comments.

Surprz Stickers


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