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Sustainability has been a key word on everyone’s lips for a while now. The avoidance of depleting our world’s natural resources is not a new idea by any stretch, it just seems at the moment that so many of us are starting to talk about it. We are all aware of the damage that we are doing to our world and predictably as a parent, I’m now starting to become more and more concerned about the human impact on the planet. So where possible, I’m resolving to only purchase natural and cruelty free products, especially after reading the September 2018 issue of British Elle which was thought-provoking. If a glossy magazine can dedicate a whole issue to sustainability, and address the recent ‘ throwaway’ culture of the fashion industry, I too need to start thinking about how I can make a change, however small. Particularly as the beauty industry is notorious for the negative impact that it has on the environment. Thankfully, more and more brands are waking up, realising what their customers want and producing products that cause little damage to the environment. This should be applauded and encouraged.


Sustainable Beauty Eness

About Eness

In my quest for sustainable brands, I came across a local company called Eness. One of the founding principles of Eness is sustainability and the brand are careful to only use products that comply with this principle. Additionally, every product is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, ensuring that the brand is aligned with the way I am beginning to alter my beauty product purchases.

sustainable beauty Eness


Luckily, the vast majority of the Eness range is available on the website, but located in Birmingham’s Link Street (between the Bullring and Grand Central), they have a small pop up shop which thankfully has a larger range of stock. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend popping into the shop for your purchases, as I received the most amazing customer service. I had each range explained to me and got to test the individual products that interested. Plus you get to smell each of the six fragranced ranges in real life and as they all smell divine, you won’t regret the visit.

The 6 ranges are:

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Exotic Africa Argan Oil
  • Lavender Floral
  • Magnolia Floral
  • Olive and Avocado
  • Rose Florals.

Each range comprises of body butters, oils and lotions as well as body washes and hand creams all with the same fragrance, meaning that you can layer the fragrance and smell beautiful all day. Some of the ranges even include reed diffusers and candles so your home will be beautifully fragranced too.

sustainable beauty eness

The Products

As hard as it was to choose between the products in store, in the end, following expert advice from the consultant, I decided to go with the Argan Oil Rich Body Butter and the Cocoa Butter Hand Cream which came to a total of £16.50.

Argan Oil Rich Body Butter

I’m not going to lie, although I wanted to make the switch to sustainable products, I was incredibly apprehensive and sceptical of how good they would actually be, This body butter proved me wrong. It was incredibly thick and intensely moisturising. I’ve been using it for two weeks and my dry, eczema prone skin has never looked or felt better.

At first, I only used this in the evenings as it was so thick, I worried it would take a long time to sink into my skin. I just don’t have that sort of time in the morning. Whilst the Argan Oil Body Butter took some time to disappear into my skin, it didn’t leave my skin feeling tacky or sticky at all. In fact, I found that I could get dressed straight away. As a busy mum, little things like this are important to me. This product is a keeper.
sustainability eness argan oil body butter

Another thing that I absolutely loved about this body butter was that it didn’t come in the traditional screw lid plastic pot that most body butters seem to come in. I really can’t stand plastic jars, or any kind of pot if I’m honest, as I just think it seems really unhygienic to keep putting your hands into a pot to get your product. Even the thought of it is making me squirm, This body butter from Eness came in a tube and yes it did require a bit of effort to squeeze it out as the butter is so thick and luxurious. But it’s definitely worth the wait, this product is amazing and I really can’t see myself using anything else on my skin.

Cocoa Butter Hand Cream

I know I’m not the only woman with a myriad of hand creams left in various places. We’ve all heard the saying that the ‘hands are one of the first places to show our true age’ and because of this, I am borderline obsessed with keeping my hands soft and moisturised. As winter draws in, and because I hate wearing gloves, I need a thicker, more moisturising cream and decided to pick up Eness’ Cocoa Butter Hand Cream.

sustainable beauty

The scent of this was to die for. So many cocoa butter products have a sickly, synthetic fragrance but this was beautifully natural whilst not being overpowering. It did an amazing job of moisturising my hands and they felt soft even after washing, cleaning and bathing the kids. I did reapply this during the day, because I hate the feeling of dry hands but this was precautionary more than anything else. I didn’t really need to.

I also liked how few ingredients were in this product. I counted the ingredients list and this product consists of only 9 ingredients, most of which I could not only pronounce, I had actually heard of them. This reassured me that the product was as natural as possible and most importantly, wouldn’t overload my skin with chemicals. Another brownie point to Eness.


Overall Verdict:

As I’ve already said, when I first decided to look for more sustainable and cruelty-free products, I did have my concerns about whether or not they could live up to existing products. Yes I wanted to have sustainable products but I also wanted the products to do their job. Eness have helped to reassure me that sustainability doesn’t have to mean a compromise in quality.


These products were pretty good and I am obsessed with the Argan Oil Body Butter and will use it for as long as it’s available – it’s absolutely perfect for my skin. Importantly, Eness have proven that using natural products and sustainable methods doesn’t have to push the price up for consumers. These products are not hugely expensive and are no more expensive that similar products that have been formulated in a lab without considering the negative impact on the environment. Amazing products can be made at affordable prices without damaging the environment, so why isn’t everyone doing it?


Would you like to try Eness’ products? Are there any other sustainable beauty products that you would recommend? What are your thoughts on the beauty industry’s impact on the environment?


sustainable beauty eness


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