Perfume is just another part of my beauty product obsession! I remember getting my first bottle of perfume at 16, when my gran bought me a small bottle of Anais Anais for Christmas. I loved it so much, took it everywhere and wore it every day –  even though I couldn’t pronounce it and still can’t. From then on, I have been hooked on fragrance. Just like my interest in make up, I really enjoy perusing beauty halls and getting samples of perfumes, and testing them.

Although, I don’t have a ‘signature scent’ I do employ a few rules when choosing perfume as I like to make sure that I love and enjoy it for as long as possible. I am impulsive when buying make up and can quite easily spend a fortune in minutes, but perfume – I take my time. I’m talking days, weeks, and months depending on the actual perfume and the reason for buying it.

After I had my daughters, I had this nostalgic idea of creating memories for them and I wanted to have signature scent that they would always remind them of me. Until  I remembered that I’m their mother ;  they are hardly likely to forget me so after a period of only wearing my Chanel No.5, I moved back to my usual array of different scents. Besides, I needed something to cover the smell of baby sick and rice cakes.

Top 5 Perfumes

With make up, I use a mix of high end and drug store brands,  but with perfume, I nearly always stick to high end brands as experience has taught me that the staying power is there. I know I could save money by buying less expensive ‘dupes’ but for me, the idea of having to carry them around to re-spray when needed doesn’t appeal to me.  Quite frankly, I need the handbag space for nappies, wipes and toys, odd socks…

Just a heads up, I am awful at describing scents so will apologise in advance for the vagueness!

Chanel No.5

This is definitely my all time favourite perfume and the one I repurchase time and time again,  tend to receive as gifts and wear most often. Everyone knows that Marylin Monroe famously only wore No.5 to bed and I have to admit that the prestige and inherent glamour is what drew me to the scent originally. I won’t lie, I do a Marylin and spritz it before bed, but only in a misguided attempt to glam up my tartan pjs.

Perfum Chanel  No.5

I love its powdery scent and I still haven’t smelt anything like it. It’s unique but even though it’s a famous scent and has been around for nearly 100 years, none of my inner circle like it! My mum hates when I wear it. I’ve never dated a man that likes it either. Luckily, my beauty choices are all for me and I adore the scents. It’s a true classic.

One reason I love No.5 is that it lasts forever. I will put a couple of spritzes on in the morning and I can smell it all day. I have always used the eau de parfum but it’s also comes in a range of eau de toilette if you like the scent, but want a lighter fragrance.

Jimmy Choo Flash 

I received this as a Christmas gift from my mum who is even more addicted to perfume than I am. She has multiples of bottles on the go at any one time and she liked this one, so bought it as a gift for me. I like it! To me, it seems to have a powdery, floral type smell but much more subtle than Chanel.

Perfume Jimmy Choo Flash

I do like this and probably would repurchase when it runs out as I actually do use this quite a lot, mostly because the staying power isn’t as long as some of my other perfumes.

Marc Jacobs Decadence

I felt smelt this as a sample from a glossy magazine and to me it smelt woody and quite masculine and very different to my usual fragrances but I loved it. It smelt amazing.

Perfume Decadence

I find that this perfume has to be used with quite a light hand as it is quite a strong and long-lasting scent. If I spray too much accidentally, it can be a bit overpowering. For that reason, I think it is more of an evening perfume. Not that it would ever fit into a clutch bag. The bottle is huge and I’m not a massive fan of it, I just don’t feel that the bottle matches the scent. But that’s just my personal preference! It took me a while before I could bring myself to buy the ugly bottle!

Paco Rabanne Lady Million

Unusually for me, I bought this on a complete whim as it was on sale. I haven’t even smelt it but was a huge fan of Black XS and liked quite a few of Paco Rabanne’s male fragrances so thought this was worth the risk. I was right! I love this scent.

Perfume Lady Million

It’s quite a woody floral but lighter than Decadence. I’ve got the eau de parfum  version and it lasts quite a while if sprayed in the morning and the bottle looks pretty on my dresser. That is until one of the kids touch it and put their sticky fingers on it…

Marc Jacobs Daisy

This was a gift and not the sort of perfume that I would’ve looked at myself as the bottle looks  a little childlike. I would’ve thought it was for a pre-teen more than a mid-thirties mum of two, but I’m so glad I received it. Predictably from the name, this is a light and fresh floral smell.

At the moment, I really like to wear this every day for work as it’s so light. I don’t feel it’s too overpowering for when B and A decide to give me a cuddle either.

Perfume Daisy


Miss B loves this too and this is the only one of my scents that I’ll let her have a spritz of occasionally.  I did try to buy her a kid’s Disney Princess perfume but she was having none of it… at least she has taste I suppose!

What are your favourite perfumes? Comment and let me know.

Top 5 Fragrances





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