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Although I am far too scared to create my own You Tube, I absolutely love watching beauty You Tubers and picking up tips. If I’m honest, makeup tutorials and surprise egg videos are pretty much all that I use You Tube for. How sad is my life? Because I’m makeup tutorial obsessed, I’ve wanted to write a post of my favourite You Tubers for so long, but found it hard to narrow it down into a list of people whose videos I watch pretty regularly and whose advice I trust. Hence why it has taken me a while to compile this list, but better late than never and here is the list of my top 7 beauty You Tubers. I’m always on the look out for new people to watch so don’t  forget to let me know who your favourites are.

Top 7 Beauty You Tubers



I’m pretty sure the world and his wife have heard of sisters Sam and Nic, the faces behind Pixiwoo. They have been around a while and are hugely successful with their channel, books and their Real Techniques brushes. I adore them and their reviews and tutorials are my go-to when I feel I need to freshen up my look or learn a new skill. I’ve been following them for so long that I can’t actually remember when I began, but I do remember watching them in the early hours cradling a colicky Miss B so that’s at least 6 years. I honestly feel like most of my knowledge about makeup has been gleaned from the Chapman sisters.

I personally find Sam and Nic really easy to relate to as they are around my age and have similar issues as working mums that I do, albeit they do it with a lot more glamour than me! In a world of teenage makeup artists , this is really refreshing for me to see professionals of my own age. Also recently, Sam has been opening up about her battle with mental health and as someone who is on the same journey, I take a lot of comfort from hearing her share her experiences and raise awareness.

Makeup by Tammi

I came across Tammi when I decided that I needed to stray away from my usual bold lip and bronze eye look and googled ‘bold, bright eyes looks’. If you are looking to experiment with colour, Tammi is your girl! Even her collaboration with Revolution, the Tropical Paradise palette, reflects her love of colour.

Tammi’s videos are chatty and fun which is part of what I love about them. She’s so friendly and you can’t help but feel like you’re just watching a super-talented friend do her makeup before a night out.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is a world-reknowned makeup artist and has worked with so many different beauty brands across the globe. As well as doing tutorials showing her making up her own face, Lisa also has quite a few videos showing how to put makeup on someone else and as an aspiring makeup artist, I find this really useful.

I’m a bit of a makeup geek and Lisa’s videos completely indulge my inner geek. She often talks about the history of makeup and her book Face Paint: The Story of Makeup is fascinating for any fellow makeup geeks who want to know more about how cosmetics originated and developed.


Curly hair is hard work. It’s looks amazing but goodness me knowing which products to buy for your correct curl type can be a minefield. This is where MissyBeeLondon steps in.

She reviews so many curly hair products, giving honest opinions and also has quite a few tutorials on style for natural hair too which even though my hair is a different texture and length, I can always adapt them to suit my own hair.

Bamblings of Naffy

I came across Nafisah a few months ago when I was looking for a review about The Ordinary foundation, I’d heard really good things about it but I wanted to see what the shades looked like on someone with my skin tone. Even as an adult, it’s important to see people who look like me and even though I love a huge range of bloggers, it can be difficult to decipher if a particular product would suit you when the model is a whole different skin tone.

I think that what is also really important about Nafisah is that she demonstrates that women from all walks of life, faiths and heritages are  interested in beauty products and I love that she represents them. Not to mention the fact that she has a lovely chatty style when she does a haul video!

Make Me Up Missa

I first came across Missa in a Facebook group for makeup and beauty addicts and I was so impressed with her skills, I had to seek her out on Instagram and You Tube. Her makeup skills are literally out of this world. I just love the colour and creativity that she brings to her looks. Plus, I just love her accent, I could quite  easily listen to Missa all day every day.

Honest Emily

You don’t have to be an expert to realise that I am more that a bit obsessed with beauty subscription boxes, I subscribe to quite a few and have reviewed just some of them here! One of the things that I love about Emily’s You Tube channel is her subscription box reviews and she has introduced me to a few that I hadn’t heard of or even contemplated. Like the name suggests, she always gives an honest and detailed review of the boxes that she tries. I’ve bought a few things and signed up for a few subscriptions on her recommendations!

And that’s it!

A complete round-up of my favourite You Tubers. I hope you check them out if you haven’t already and don’t forget to let me know who your favourite beauty You Tubers are!

Will you be checking any of these You Tubers out? Is there anyone that you would recommend for me to subscribe to?


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  1. These women look really beautiful—and are probably beautiful on the inside as well! 🙂 It’s interesting and awesome that you include beauty YouTubers from all walks of life and who look different from each other. Diversity is awesome!

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