So, Miss A is now 2 years old and ever since she was around 18 months, lovely, helpful family members, colleagues, acquaintances and friends have repeatedly told me that the reason that she isn’t potty trained is because I am lazy. Apparently, if I had to endure the difficulties of using Napisan and terry towelling nappies then she would have been potty trained straight from the womb. In fact, I am categorically told that disposable nappies have made modern mothers like myself, lazy! I dread to think what some of these acquaintances think of my tumble dryer, washing machine and vacuum cleaner… Maybe I should ditch the car in favour of a horse and cart instead too?

Personally, with regards to potty training Miss A, I think that there is an element of reluctance on my part. She is just so stubborn. Her personality makes everything with her more difficult! That added to the fact that I now work full-time, as well as having an additional child and being a single parent makes things trickier when I’m contemplating potty training. (As I write this, I’ve suddenly become aware of the list of excuses that I am making…. Maybe my mum is right!)

It’s the Christmas holidays. I’m off work for over two weeks. It’s the perfect time to potty train. It’ll be too cold to go out much so we will want to stay snuggled up at home, cosy and warm and watch DVDs. I’ll be able to keep A nappy free, so she will instantly gravitate towards the potty as she’ll be too enamoured with her Peppa Pig pants to soil them and thankfully I have laminate flooring so my home won’t be too damaged.

Well that was the plan… A has had other ideas. Did I mention that she was stubborn? Her favourite words in no particular order are:

1: ‘NO!’
2: ‘I not like it!’
3: ‘NO!’ – Had to include this one twice as she loves it so much.

Potty Training
Look how pristine this potty is.



Miss A may be a typical toddler for all I know but I was blessed with the much more placid and adaptable Miss B first, who took to potty training like a dream. I stopped nappies one day and there have been only occasional accidents since. Something tells me that this won’t be the same with Miss A, especially as nothing has yet made its way into the potty. Several times a day I find puddles of wee and neat little poos right next to the potty. I thought we were making progress and tried to encourage her to do it on the actual potty. Her response was to look at me with incredulity and reply ‘No! I not want my potty dirty!’ Something also tells me that my younger daughter has missed the point of potties.

Where does this leave my potty-training adventure? Well, even though she is the size of a 3-year old, she has just turned 2 and for one reason or another. has had a lot recent upheaval and change. With my elder girl, I waited until she was 2.5 to potty train her and I’m wondering if this was why it felt easier. I’d like to say that waiting was a stroke of genius on my part. It wasn’t. It had everything to do with the fact that prior to this I was heavily pregnant or recovering from a complicated birth with a new-born in tow. I knew my limits.

My decision for the moment is that we will keep it nice and relaxed at home. I will give her lots of opportunities to be nappy free and keep the potties (yes plural – in nearly every room) available to her. I will keep encouraging her to try but I think that I need to wait until I see more cues from her that she is ready to be trained. I’m not sure that she is right now. I know that is going to provoke more comments from well-meaning relatives but…. I too have a response.

“You are more than welcome to potty train her yourself and then show me (as a young, lazy mother) how it’s done.” Then we’ll see how much they like puddles on their floor as God forbid Miss A makes her potty dirty.

Have you ever potty-trained? Any tips for me? 

Potty Training


4 thoughts on “The Trials and Tribulations of Potty Training”

  1. Loved this was so funny and took me back to when I was potty training my number 2. Don’t worry about others,she was 3 when we finally did it. When she is ready she is ready.

  2. Aw thanks lovely! I’m sure she’ll be ready in her own time like she is with everything else!

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