I was so excited to receive one of these beautiful necklaces. I follow Nonia – the founder of Pink Mushroom – on Instagram and her designs are so beautiful! (Check out her page !)

Pink Mushroom Geometric Necklace

The first thing that stood out when I received the necklace was the beautiful packaging! I love these organza little bags and I plan to use the one that came with my necklace to  store it safely away from little inquisitive hands! I also loved the handwritten note that accompanied my parcel. I don’t receive many of these anymore and that really made my day! This is one thing I love about supporting small businesses, the personal touch.

Pink Mushroom Geometric Necklace

Another thing that I liked about the packaging was that it was wrapped in this gorgeous delicate tissue paper which made me feel like I was opening something really special. It was a really nice touch.

Pink Mushroom Geometric Necklace

Now on to the actual necklace itself! I chose to receive the geometric shapes as I thought they were really different.    They are brightly painted and will definitely brighten up my outfits. I’m working hard on accessorising my outfits better (I’m just not a clothes person!) and I like that this would go with quite a lot of different outfits.

These necklaces come with either an antique bronze chain or the waxed cotton like mine. I chose the waxed cotton and I’m really glad that I did. It arrived loosely tied so that meant that I had the opportunity to alter the knot in the thread and make the necklace more versatile. It could be worn at different lengths and this is something that I was impressed with, as again it makes it possible to coordinate with a range of outfits.

Pink Mushroom Geometric Necklace

I decided to wear my necklace with jeans, a blush blouse from Primark and my tan brogues (also from Primark). I really am no fashionista at all but I did feel pulled together in this look for a change! I definitely felt ready for spring – can someone tell the weather that now so I can see some sun!

Pink pink Mushroom Geometric Necklace

Pink Mushroom designs can be found on Etsy and start at £8.50 which is such a bargain for a beautifully made necklace.

I received this product free of charge for an unbiased review. Please see my disclaimer for more information about sponsored posts and product reviews.

38 thoughts on “Unboxing a Pink Mushroom Geometric Necklace”

  1. This is great, it is different to anything I have seen and I love the shapes and colours. Pink Mushroom is such a fabulous name!

  2. At first, I thought the post “Pink Mushroom” was going to be a beauty product and not jewelry! I love the simple colors of the necklace and the added wood textures.

  3. That is a very pretty necklace. I know that my daughter would probably like something like that. I think it’s cool with the geometric designs.

  4. Hi Toastycritic. I’m glad you like the necklace and if you would like to see other designs which are yet to hit the store, I’ll gladly send you photos I’ve literally just returned from a three week trip and getting back into the groove and have approx 35 more necklaces to list.
    All the best! Nonia

  5. I wish I could think up such cute names as “Pink Mushroom” .. it’s one you definitely won’t forget. As are their products, if they’re anything like this lovely necklace. In the past I haven’t worn anything quite so bold, although that may have to change!

  6. Hi Alisonrost. The lovely thing about the necklaces is that they can jazz up any outfit in an instant.
    Juggling a 7 month old these days no longer allows me to spend an age choosing what to wear. My ‘go to’ is a block colour (black or navy) and a geometric necklace which adds all the colour I need for now.

    I never wore jewellery prior to making my own, and rather than starting with more delicate pieces, I went immediately for bold! It’s a funny old world!

    And lastly the name. I thought of it over 10 years ago and said whatever business I started, I’d call it that. It’s unusual and playful and happy you think it’s memorable- thank you!!

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