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It’s been forever since I’ve written a product review and I’m so excited to finally do this one! The whole entire world knows that I am completely and utterly obsessed with red liquid lipstick. (And I have written many posts on it, see here, here and even here.) I just love it!

So earlier this year, when I saw that Urban Decay were releasing  their Vice Liquid Lipsticks, I was sold.  I’m a huge fan of their eye shadow palettes and primer, so was keen to try these.

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick Trap Queen

Urban Decay released the Vice Liquid Lipstick range early in 2017 with 30 different shades in two different finishes (matte and metallized). They cost £15.50 for 5.3ml of product, which is comparable with other liquid lipsticks. The packaging is pretty standard, it’s nothing special, but is functional – which is all that matters really.

Due to the sheer number of shades in the range, there is something for everyone as bright, bold and neutral colours have been included. Something that was missing when Chanel released their range of liquid lipsticks. Predictably, I settled on Trap Queen as it is a warm red, my signature colour, but this one is a bit different. It has small particles of gold glitter to give it a metallized finish. Which was music to my ears, as to be honest, I’m a bit over matte lips at the moment. I want a bit of glamour and shine.

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick Trap Queen

Disappointingly, I didn’t really notice the glitter on my lips at all and it was difficult to pick up on camera in the swatch. But this doesn’t detract for the beautiful colour, which is a nice warm red.  However, if you’re only buying Trap Queen for the metallized effect, try another product. It’s too subtle.

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick Trap Queen

I didn’t let the lack of visible glitter put me off and found that it was a great colour for the daytime, which it might not have been if the glitter had been more obvious. The colour is just beautiful and looks lovely on. I felt that it brightened my face and I got lots of compliments that I looked well even though I felt exhausted as usual!


In a nutshell, Trap Queen will survive the apocalypse even if you do not. This stuff does not budge. I kissed my kids, ate lunch and dinner and let my 2 year old wipe her hands over my mouth (whilst trying not to think where they’d been) and it did not move at all.  It lasted so well and didn’t transfer onto anything. I was very impressed.

I applied it around 10am and it was still going strong at 3pm. Some of the shine was lost but the colour was still there. It faded beautifully and left a strong stain type effect as opposed to being patchy. Extra bonus point.


Overall, I loved this! It was amazing and I’ve been wearing it lots since testing it out. The main thing I look for after the shade is longevity and this just is amazing. I’m definitely going to check out more shades, my first choice being a nude.

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?

92 Replies to “Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Trap Queen”

  1. I’ve always loved UD but I personally have never tried their lippies! I love how the color turned out, so maybe I should try it one day 😉

  2. This is the first UD lip product that I have tried and I love it! Very impressed. Definitely recommend you trying them one day.

  3. Thank you for your review. I do not know to much about lipsticks, especially UD lipstick. But after that I think I should learn more, and I will buy a right one for my girlfriend.

  4. I’ve recently gotten completely addicted to trying new matte lipsticks. This looks great on you! I should probably save money but who am I kidding, I’ll probably go get one tonight.

  5. I wish I would have seen all your red lipstick posts before purchasing cuz I am so picky with the color red. I like mine bright red, but with a little bit of dullness. Do I sound crazy? I swear I’ve gone through so many shades to find the perfect red. I haven’t tried this one yet and you have convinced me that I need to 🙂

  6. It doesn’t sound crazy! I couldn’t even count how many red lipsticks I have and I’m sure each one is different!

  7. I love your description of how long it lasts. I think I might have to check out this range a little more closely. I love that they are actually pretty affordable compared to other brands. Great review 🙂

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  8. They aren’t too bad at all. I think the Chanel liquid lipsticks are £24 and UD are much better in my opinion.

  9. It’s really sad the only thing I’ve tried from Urban Decay is there Primer Potion. Clearly I’m missing out! I have been wearing almost exclusively liquid lipsticks for months now. I can only imagine how amazing these by Urban Decay are. Gorgeous color on you, btw!

  10. It is absolutely great how the color of the lipstick could simply match variety of different skin tones. Thank you for sharing this, it is satisfying to know how a product like this creates such beauty and desire for us women.

  11. I haven’t used long wear lipsticks in ages because I find them terribly drying and with a tendency to patchiness. This sounds like a good product though so I will have to try it out. Thanks for the honest review.

  12. Not everybody is able to pull off red lipstick .. but you, my dear, can! This shade is beautiful. It’s nice to know it lasts a long time. ps: I’m so curious to know what your tattoo represents (or means). x

  13. Thank you! My tattoo (had to check the picture to see which one was visible) is the dates of birth of my two daughters. Cheesy but I love it!

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